13. Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween

salem witch statuesalem pumpkin halloweensalem halloween

Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween is one of the greatest spectacles on earth.


2 thoughts on “13. Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween

  1. Great pumpkin! Those Insane Clown Posse clowns are a little much for me. Eeek!

    I know some people who do and did live in Salem. Many of them took the week before Hallowe’en off to get out of the area. They weren’t the ones who made money off of the tourists, of course. I love Hallowe’en, but I hate crowds. Don’t think I’ll ever visit Salem during October. Love to see the photos though!

    • i cannot imagine living in salem and leaving town for the big event! i feel like if i lived there i’d be one of the salem halloween-philes who had halloween countdown buttons on their blogs.

      there is a really cool giant pumpkin contest (couldn’t find a good photo) which alone is worth fighting the crowds.

      somehow i don’t think any of this is changing your mind!

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